About Larry

Active Trader December 2002
Larry Williams has been trading futures and commodities for over 60 years.

He is the most highly regarded and well known short term trader in the world.

No other futures trader is as accomplished as Larry Williams. He has more trading and investing books on the market than any other futures trader

The majority of his books have been best sellers. (see Books for a list of Larry Williams books).

Larry Williams has taught thousands to correctly trade the markets, won many trading championships, and has been the only futures trader in the world to repeatedly trade $1 million of his own money live at seminars around the globe.

1962 was when Larry Williams began following the markets. His interest was sparked by

Larry (far left) announces his Darlings of the Dow

the Kennedy market crash, when President Kennedy forced a roll back in steel prices. The crash was front page news everywhere. People lost millions but Larry was more taken by the fact that if you had been “short” the market, you would have made millions.

Larry began to understand that he could make a $100 day trading the markets,

whether the market was going up or down. Larry was smitten. To a 20 year old college kid, $100 bought a lot of beer and pizza. Larry Williams graduated from the University of Oregon in 1964 with a bachelors in Journalism, thus his passion for writing.

Image of Larry on Fox

Larry on Fox with Neil Cavuto

By 1965 Larry was actively trading the markets and began writing newsletters as well.

It wasn’t long before Larry began producing ground breaking market research. In 1966 Larry developed his famous timing tool, Williams %R. This tool still is published daily in many major financial papers and is a standard indicator provided on trading web sites from MSN’s Money Central to Yahoo!

In 1970 Larry’s first investment book, The Secret of Selecting Stocks was published. Larry followed that with the first book ever on the seasonality of stocks and futures, Sure Thing Commodity Trading, How Seasonal Factors Influence Commodity Prices.

Larry with Regan

Larry on campaign trail with President Regan

Larry is pretty old, so to try to follow his career year by year would consume too much of your precious time. Even decade by decade gets a little overwhelming. So, let’s just cut to the chase.

In between trading, researching and developing trading tools, teaching, and writing, Larry managed to run twice for the U.S. Senate as well as 70 marathons.

Ronald Regan Air Force One

Larry with President Ronald Reagan 1987 on Air Force One

He holds a higher degree in archaeology and has manned several expeditions.

Larry’s long list of best-selling books includes 1982’s How to Prosper in the Coming Good Years which accurately forecasted the largest bull market and surge in economic growth in American history. He is a past board member of the National Futures Association and the recipient of numerous awards, including Futures Magazine’s first Doctor of Futures Award, the Omega Research Lifetime Achievement Award, Significant Sig (a Sigma Chi acknowledgement), Traders International 2005 Trader of the Year, and on October 6, 2002 the mayor of San Diego declared that day as Larry Williams’ Day.

Larry is many things, but he is not a CTA (commodity trading advisor).

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